2019/2020 Admissions into Master and Doctoral Research program in
Environmental Engineering Management and Sustainable Energy Management.

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Regional Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (RCEES) in the University of Energy and Natural Resources seeks to provide educational training to all stakeholders including graduate students (MSc/MPhil/PhD) on sustainable energy projects to bridge the skill gap. The Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering was established in 2012 with the aim of fully integrating various energy generating technologies and environmental issues to meet the changing demands of the energy industry particularly in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region. In this regard, more candidates will be trained by offering tailored postgraduate programs and short courses that address this skill gap by training more competent personnel in sustainable energy technologies. Key thematic research areas to be covered include includes but not limited to:

  • Research into the use of renewable energy, especially for the off-grid and island communities.
  • Development of energy transformation strategies – transition from the current supply systems to renewable power generation systems
  • Strengthening the use of smart distributed technologies – Smart grid and smart distributed power generation systems, and energy efficiency
  • Development of sustainable low-cost technologies for rural electrification
  • Environmental issues related to energy supply and demand, and sustainable development


The main objective of this Center is to conduct internationally competitive training and research in Sustainable Energy Management and Environmental Engineering Management, aimed at turning out high quality graduates to drive the socioeconomic development of the sub-region in Energy/Power Development using an environmentally sustainable approach. The Center is part of the Energy and Environmental Engineering Department under the School of Engineering.


The Postgraduate Programs for both MSc and PhD in Sustainable Energy Management and Environmental Engineering Management is opened to excellent students and engineers with a Master of Science Degree in scientific or in engineering disciplines. Candidates with technical strengths in Physics, Chemistry, Civil & Environmental, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent are preferred.

Requirement for admission to the program:

  • Be citizen of one of the West African countries
  • Complete application form (see link below)
  • Submit maximum of 2 pages motivation letter outlining your fitness to the program and how this training will benefit your home country and West Africa
  • Supply a copy of all transcripts and certificates
  • Provide your CV
  • Provide 2 recommendation letters
  • A maximum 3 pages (for MSc) and 5 pages (for PhD) concept notes of research ideas outlying research background, justification, main objectives, methods and expected results.
  • Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!
  • Language requirement

The program training language is solely in English. Francophone candidates that provide evidence of competence in English are preferred. However, the program will provide 3 months English class for successful francophone candidates prior to the starting of the training.

Scholarship and research support

A full scholarship and research support will be provided to some successful candidates based on the following:

  • Maintained a high grade during the coursework
  • Successfully develop and defend research proposal during the first 6 to 12 months of the program
  • Both stipend and research support are provided to fellows
  • The continuation of the disbursement of the related supports are subjected to successful evaluation of progress report provided by student

Program duration

The program duration is 2 years for MSc and 3 years for PhD

Application procedure and contact

National Students (Ghanaian)

Ghanaian Students are to follow the University of Energy and Natural Resources admission process. Buy a postgraduate form and satisfy the requirements Visit UENR website for more details. And the follow the MSc link or the PhD link and upload necessary documents for scholarship application.

Regional Students (Non-Ghanaian)

To apply, please follow the MSc link or the PhD link and upload necessary documents.
For enquiries, send a message to:


Regional Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (RCEES)

University of Energy and Natural Resources Sunyani Ghana

+(233) 506-366-712

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