As part of our education, the RCEES also seeks to conduct high value research that are critical to sustainable energy development. Key thematic research areas to be covered include the following:

  1. Research into the use of renewable energy, especially for the off-grid and island communities (Research Theme lead: Dr. Eric Donyina – Research)
  • Renewable energy resource assessment,
  • Renewable energy conversion methods and
  • Energy storage technologies as well as the mechanisms of climate change.

The ACE will therefore explore the options for the development of energy system infrastructure, especially in the off-grid and island communities, considering technical, economic, ecological and social dimensions. 

  1. Development of energy transformation strategies – transition from the current supply systems to renewable power generation systems (Research Theme Lead: Dr. Felix Diawuo)
  • Energy transition engineering
  • Energy systems analysis and technology evaluation
  • Deployment and systems monitoring
  • Assessment by industrial players

3.Strengthening the use of smart distribution technologies – Smart grid and smart distributed power generation systems, and energy efficiency (Research Theme Lead: Dr. Mark Amo Boateng)

  • Situational assessment (smart grid, smart distributed systems and energy efficiency)
  • Identification of opportunities and implementation strategies
  • Industrial engagement and support
  • Energy efficiency sectorial analysis – This will focus on sector-specific approaches to increase energy efficiency taking into account the critical roles of consumers
  1. Development of sustainable low-cost technologies for rural electrification (Research Theme Lead: Prof Nana Derkyi)
  • Technology needs assessment
  • Feasibility assessment on the use of local material for rural power supply system
  • Building indigenous human capacity 
  • Techno-economic analysis of identified energy conversion systems
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis
  • Barriers to the deployment of low-cost technologies for rural electrification
  1. Environmental issues related to energy supply and demand, and sustainable development (Research Theme Lead: Dr. Francis Attiogbe)
  • Scoping studies
  • Effectiveness of instruments/tools for target-oriented management of energy systems
  • Assessment of the social and environmental impact of individual technologies and technical subsystems.
  • Addressing environmental challenges through waste conversion systems for clean energy production